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31 Oct 2020

It's too early to be up, again. I need to sleep in more but find that I have been up at the same time for so many years that it's near impossible to sleep in. Combine this with getting older and feeling more tired in general and I feel sluggish a lot of the time and coffee can only do so much. The clocks fall back tonight and I'm afraid that will cause me to wake up even earlier.

Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate by eating the candy you should be handing out to the kids. One for you, two for me.

30 Oct 2020

I wish I could think of everything all of the time but I just can't.


It is now afternoon and we had a nice lunch out of our smaller town to celebrate my oldest daughter's birthday and it was a reminder that there is still life going on out there. Things here stay pretty quiet and you can go days without seeing other people if that is your wish but in a slightly larger town there is still some hustle and bustle and glimpses of normality - with masks and social distancing, of course.

29 Oct 2020

From my page a few days back:

I find emotional detachment to be a good center for living. When something happens, is it close enough to you to impact your real emotions or can you react mildly with sympathy or even an encouraging acknowledgement of whatever has happened without letting it throw your emotions into an extreme reaction? Most of the time I find that it is not my grief or it is not my anger or whatever (whatever being other emotional reactions). I see and understand the reason for the grief or anger or whatever but still I am just an observer and should not make the situation about myself.

28 Oct 2020

I saw several jerks last night at Walmart walking around with no mask on in complete defiance of Walmart's mask policy and the county's mask mandate. Each of these people had two things in common - they were young (appeared under 30) and white. Three things in common if you consider that they are huge jerks.

Older people in masks were having to shop around them but masks only help stop us from spreading it. They don't really help us not breathe it in. So these jerks could be infecting older people or me or anyone else. They simply do not care.

We also had one guy (young and white) walk in with no mask and a huge holster and side arm because it's his right to have a weapon wherever he wants to go. My right to stay healthy is obviously not important. He would fight for his gun but not for the rights of others.