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27 Nov 2020

Up at 5:15am to see daughter #1 off to work. No plans today. Will do my best to do as little as possible and will try to not leave the house for any reason. If it happens, this will be the perfect day off.

Thanksgiving Day 2020

About to watch the parade and then go to a small family lunch outside. After that, rest, rest, rest, rest, rest, repeat. I am planning on plenty of quality recliner time this weekend.

25 Nov 2020

Rainy and windy today. Put up new projectors outside last night. No more climbing up the ladder and clipping lights on the gutters, thank goodness.

R.I.P. Hal Ketchum. Lots of good memories of the early 90's with Hal as part of the soundtrack.

24 Nov 2020

It's already been busy at work again this morning but my brain is in holiday mode. We put up the Christmas tree yesterday. After many years, we bought a new one with LED lights.

23 Nov 2020

Helpful hint from your IT guy: The Monday before Thanksgiving is not a great day for your VPN to go down company-wide especially when the majority of your employees have to work from home due to a global pandemic.

22 Nov 2020

The rain is coming in. I can see it from the kitchen table where I type this out. Cold tomorrow but just the typical November cold. Went to Walmart last night and looked through mostly empty shelves and bought what the hoarders didn't see as worthy. It's been three weeks or more since I ate a potato chip. So tempting. I am about to have to go out in the rain because daughter #1 needs lunch at work and I need to buy a tote for some organization things. And I forgot to buy mouthwash last night so I have to swing back by Walmart.

On this day:

21 Nov 2020

Finally Saturday. I'll be running a few items to my father this morning. One is toilet paper which once again is becoming a rarity in these parts unfortunately.

I powered off my iPad last night after another wasted evening on it. I get into the mindset that I'm too tired or unmotivated to do other things so I end up going from app to app, scroll, tap, scroll, tap, blah, blah, blah and boom - the whole evening is gone. So the iPad is off for the rest of the weekend as a reminder to DO SOMETHING ELSE!

Enjoyed Gossip's Cafe community radio last night.

Good to see an update from Eriq! It was a post from Eriq on that led me to Flounder which I update daily and then those updates are pretty much copied over here with a few changes or bonus content here now and then.

20 Nov 2020

Helped load, unload and hand out 2700 mini bundt cakes yesterday and now I am sore. But, it went well. It was a little odd wondering if this would be the last time we are at the school for the rest of the year due to COVID. I guess we will find that out sometime next week.

pants magoo bonus content:

I could use a very quiet Friday and next week going into the holiday. I would like to accomplish as little as possible.

Also, I finally ordered a new router for the house. The wireless has been wonky for a bit so I looked it up and I but in the current router in January of 2016. I think 5 years is a good stretch so we will see if the newest version of the same router offers some improvements.

19 Nov 2020

Today I have no cold. Weird.

I do have to go help pick up 2700 mini bundt cakes for our fundraiser and then help pass them out today. The good news is it will be pretty warm for late November. The bad news is it will be windy as all get out which seems to be the new norm lately.

18 Nov 2020

Woke up with a cold this morning. Sinuses all goofed up. Sneezing. Ears backed up. I can still taste and smell and no fever so I think it is my typical seasonal crud but I guess you never really know these days. I have pilled up so hopefully there will be a quick improvement.

I'm thinking I should add more to my Flounder site but I don't know what just yet.

17 Nov 2020

Still no COVID symptoms. Still at the house. Nothing changes since I work at home. I was up at 5:45am and what a great, crisp late fall morning we have outside today. I would bundle up and sit out there a bit but my coffee would turn cold within minutes. Yesterday was quite a productive day. Today, I intend to spend any free time I get reading.

16 Nov 2020

I've been officially notified of my exposure to COVID-19 yet again so I am looking forward to a few days of overreacting to every time my nose runs or I don't feel 100% "right" whatever that means. If I hear a sneeze in the house, I'll probably freak out and go spray the sneezer with Lysol.

15 Nov 2020

It is very windy this morning and now the temperature is falling but it still doesn't feel like November. I was talking to one of the football coaches at the school dumpster yesterday as I was emptying another load of trash purged out of the band room about how time seems broken these days. We're in the alternate universe of COVID time now and anything can be cancelled at a moments notice. We desperately claw to hold on to even the tiniest piece of normality while living in fear of us or someone we care about getting sick.

14 Nov 2020

It's been a week since Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Where will Rudy have a press conference today? It could happen ANYWHERE!

COVID is closing in. More schools here are flipping to all remote learning and that's what has to happen when we are in a defensive as opposed to offensive stance. Every thing will slowly come to a halt. This is going to be a hard winter.

pants magoo bonus content:

It's 3:58am local time as I type this out. I have a lot going on today and happened to wake up to let one of the dogs out and thought why not do my daily writing now?

Friday was a successful day for getting some things done that I mentioned in the last post. I had a LOT of radio time. I finally wrote a new post over at radios and bags. I read a ton and am now close to finishing book one of the three I have checked out at the moment.

13 Nov 2020

Some people love to be the bearers of bad news. I haven't received any bad news lately. I just hear about other people's bad news, bad news I have no control over and little to no investment in.

Today's cereal was Cinnamon Cheerios. They turn the milk into cinnamon-flavored milk. It's quite yummy but I don't know if it will keep me from going into full hunger mode before lunch time.

Today's coffee is McCafé Winter Wonder. It's a good cup of coffee but I don't know what makes it special for the season aside from the packaging which is white and features snowflakes. Maybe holding the box is supposed to make be think of winter seasons gone by. I don't know.

Bonus content for pants magoo readers:
Two of my holds came in at the library so I have three books on my Kindle now. Maybe this will motivate me to read more this weekend.

I've had no radio time over the last week which is why the radios and bags site has had no updates. I need to do something over there also so I am hoping to get a bit of radio time this weekend.

12 Nov 2020

I love the lack of unnecessary stress in my life due to not doing NaNoWriMo this year. In all of my years of doing it, it never came away with anything useable or beneficial. This is on me, of course. I am sure other people reap the rewards of dedicating November to writing.

11 Nov 2020

It is Veterans Day which means a day off work for some. Not for me. Today has been a chaotic day if there ever was one. We finished another Netflix series. We watched The Queen's Gambit a few weeks ago and just completed Dash & Lily which was a visual feast for those that love the holidays and New York City. If it was up to me, I would cancel every service but Netflix.

Pants Magoo bonus content:

If I tweet the links to these posts, four to six people view them. If I don't tweet them, no one does. That tells me that no one subscribes to these posts in Feedly or any other RSS service. I still use Feedly and read the sites I follow there daily but I guess I am old school.

10 Nov 2020

Frosted Cheerios in milk reminds me of when you go to Dairy Queen and get soft serve and it starts melting and you bite into a piece of the cone that is soggy with the melted soft serve. Frosted Cheerios is an entire bowl of that.

09 Nov 2020

There is a calm settling over the country now. We know that between now and January 20th anything can happen but we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can feel an impact personally. I am less stressed not only about politics but about everything. I had quite the productive weekend and felt positive the entire time. Quite unusual.

08 Nov 2020

It's over, kinda, sorta. All of the court tomfoolery will start tomorrow, I guess. It's early summer warm this morning and I am typing this out on the deck with a fantastic breeze blowing. I could get used to this.

Bonus content for pants magoo readers:

Only 3 people read yesterday's post and I think I am counted as one of the three. The only days of blogging are long, long, long gone, eh?

07 Nov 2020

My daily Flounder update:

The 5th day of the empty promises that something might happen today. It's the weekend. I have an early, early haircut. I'm watching Colbert and sipping hot coffee and writing this. My sinuses are a wreck but who knows if this is a change in the weather or COVID. 2020 is a blast.

Bonus(?) content for pants magoo readers:

I need a lazy weekend but also I don't need a lazy weekend because it will make me even more lazy. I think there is a limit to how much couch sitting is healthy.

06 Nov 2020

Day 4.

My goodness, will this finally be the day that we kind of know what is going to happen with this crazy election?

In other news, it's almost the weekend and I can't decide if that is good or bad. Work keeps me distracted and it's going to take as many distractions as possible to ride this out if it keeps going.

But how about that coronavirus? No one is talking about that anymore so I guess we're all good there, right?


05 Nov 2020

It's day 3, baby!

If more people had gotten out and voted this wouldn't be so close and we could get back to our normal routines of being afraid of dying from coronavirus and fighting our neighbors for packs of toilet paper.

04 Nov 2020

Don't save a prayer for me now
Save it 'til the morning after
No don't say a prayer for me now
Save it 'til the morning after

It is the morning after and CNN is still in Election Day mode and life is going on as normal. Do many of our states need to fix antiquated laws that are causing us to have to wait hours or days for results? Yes.

Regardless of what happens with this election, I am excited. I have two bags coming today that I will soon be writing about over on radios and bags!

03 Nov 2020

Before Halloween, I brought down four totes of decorations from the attic. After Halloween, I took two totes back up. That's progress. Less is more. I wonder if America is going to do some house cleaning today. My vote was in a couple of weeks ago so all I can do now is wait and watch.


Welcome to pants magoo which lives at and is where I'll be sharing little daily updates as I've been doing at and flounder. In fact, most of what you will see here will get posted on flounder first and then copied over here at some point. 

This new little project falls under the umbrella of less is more which I have tried to apply to the podcast for a while now (keeping the episodes around 30 to 45 minutes) and writing on websites that some refer to as the slow internet, sites which are not connected to the behemoth social media networks.

As a companion to this site, I have created as a dedicated place to write about, well, radios and bags. Radios and bags are two of my favorite things and I am finally going to write about them in their own space without any of the noise you might find here mixed in.

Thanks for reading this and possibly subscribing and following along!

02 Nov 2020

I get so caught up with the idea of constructing something that nothing goes in the building. Example - where to put a website. What to change on the website. Add links. Edit profile. The pursuit of the perfect container leaves no time to put anything in the container. Between this and laziness, the only No in November so far is no productive use of my time.

01 Nov 2020

How can we put the No in November? What habit would we like to work on saying no to during this month? I need to spend less time mindlessly looking at my iPad, bouncing back and forth between Twitter, Instagram, eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Google News, etc. So many apps to help me avoid doing anything of importance. It's also important to do nothing sometimes and the onslaught of words and images doesn't help me clear my mind at the end of the day.